inPresence offers a wide range of services.


We offer in depth web apps that have gigantic databases. This means endless possibilities for your ideas and you.

Fast Development

Instant, amazing updates to your home website. we offer incredible speed, giving you plenty of time to breathe.

SEO Optimized

We provide you with a fast and optimized website that you can use to launch your success.

Variety of Feautres

inPresence offers a huge range of features for any small business, and can help you pick and choose exactly what you need.

Heavy Database Capabilities


inPresence works in many database heavy platforms such as Drupal and Magento. We understand vast systems and have created several web applications that have required extensive database construction. We provide custom e-Commerce that deals with high volume online traffic and we maintain your website so that increased efficiency updates with you and your business. inPresence provides you with the tools to enhance your fan base, and the ability to make your idea vast.

Search Engine Optimization


inPresence will provide your business with all the options for search engine optimization while building your website. With experience in online marketing, we will give your site the necessary boost to get to the top of the list. We are SEO Gurus. We know how to get to the top of Google for you. It makes your job that much easier.


We can help your small business with the website, online presence, and store-to-web connections that brings customers back. We will coordinate your social media profile with your printed ads, website, and graphically designed logos to put your products and services first in the minds of local customers.



Site Hosting

Every business needs a website, which means that every business needs a hosting provider. inPresence LLC offers some of the best site hosting offer to a local company. Why bother buying a package deal, when we can set up a personalized hosting environment for your site. Instead of the low limits you get with cheap shared hosting,  inPresence LLC can give you personal service and some custom storage/bandwidth options. Even better: your customer support team will be right in your neighborhood, instead of online or email-only.  The best thing about inPresence is that, our Site5 servers are located here in Chicago.

Internet Research and Reporting

inPresence LLC offers some the best research and report tools available, letting you know where you stand against your local competition and how you can gain the upper hand in the local web market.