Secure Clouds


HIPAA Compliant Clouds from inPresence

inPresence can set-up a secure cloud storage for your business. These Clouds are secured with SSL technology and are HIPAA Compliant. All your information will be storage digitally on our servers, which means you completely control your data and how it’s used. We provide a secure Cloud,  that is always-on storage and is a HIPAA Compliant file sharing system for your patients files. You can complete evaluations, take patient signatures, and maintain active and completed patient records in the most secure Cloud application available. Features of Cloud: automatic file creation and file systems.

$349 per month for 10 users with 8 gigs storage and 20 gigs for Bandwidth


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Self contained Cloud: inPresence will build and maintain a Cloud with your company domain name and logos. It’s branded entirely as your own. Up to 10 user and administrator accounts included with this Cloud.

Additional users: 5 extra users $69 per month

Extra storage space: 5 GB $49 per month

What is an Admin?

An Admin is a User with special roles.  Admins can add and delete users. They can set Usernames and passwords along with resetting the Passwords. Admins can create and control how folders can be shared . This allows the admins to control how the data is handled and who gets to see it.

What is an Regular User?

A Regular User is a user that is given a Username and a Password from the Admins. They can upload documents, and if allowed by the Admins, download documents. Regular Users can create their own folders, but Admins can still see the contents.

 How many PDFs can I fit in 8 Gigs?

The average pdf is 300kb. You can fit around 25,166 of these PDFs, in a 8 Gig storage.

PDF’s can now be signed and be a legally-binding documents. This means signatures that are created from our system follow all the legal guidelines needed to be HIPAA Compliant.

Be completely paperless!





inPresence offers Samsung Galaxy Note only

Samsung Galaxy Note tablets cost $50 per month (12 months), clients will own them after 1 year. They come pre-installed with all the tools needed to sign and share documents (Reader, cloud app, backup, security). This means the tablets are ready for taking in patient signatures and completing evaluations, while being able to connect to the Cloud storage.

support included: 1 year
setup of user Samsung Galaxy Note tablet: $79
If you already have tablets, inPresence will setup the tablet for $79 or $279 for 4 tablets at the same time.
Patent Signature Logs: $49 per month
Patient Signature Logs for sign on screen signature collection allowing therapists to file all forms digitally.
Digital Forms – $9 per month
 Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and administrative forms prepared for easy filling on tablet or computer.

Custom Digital Forms – $40 per  month

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and administrative forms prepared for easy filling on tablet or computer customized with your agency logo. If there are additional forms your agency requires, please contact us for more information about fully customized forms.

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