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If you’re like us, you love to connect your website to lots of other fun things on the web. Enter the latest plugin we’ve started using: LinkedIn Company (and Member) Profile Plugins!

This handy tool lets you generate an inline plugin with your profile info, picture, and a link to your page in raw code. Pretty cool if you’ve got an awesome LinkedIn Profile going on, but you want people to find you on your website first.

The bad news: this information is still brought in via script that is hosted with LinkedIn, so you can’t actually bring in nodes through this plugin. No SEO benefit, and there’s not way to control what LinkedIn shows your viewers (their script checks cookies and displays the plugin contextually). The other annoying consequence of scripted plugins is that you can’t add your own styles, since this script is loaded after your stylesheets load for your website. No custom color schemes, fonts, or image swapping for now. We’ll keep looking for a way, though. Please comment if you’ve been able to achieve this!

Here’s our company profile:

The code from LinkedIn looks like this:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="IN/CompanyProfile" data-id="2978507" data-format="inline"></script>

And our President, Ross Wasserstrom:

Check out this link to generate your own member profile plugin, and click here for the company page plugins.

Member Profile Plugin Company Profile Plugin


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