Cloud User Accounts

Therapist Services

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Patient Signature Log account

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Bundled Patient Signature Logs for sign on screen signature collection allowing therapists to file all forms digitally.

Secure Cloud User Account

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Basic user accounts on cloud services allow users to upload, download, and edit files. This is the platform account for all other cloud services such as Patient Signature Logs, Calendars, and custom digital forms.

Tablet Lease to Own

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Android tablet for use filling and submitting physical, occupational, and speech therapy forms. Lease a Galaxy Tab 2 to own after 12 months. This tablet includes all apps and security features for immediate, out-of-the-box use with your agency cloud services.

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Tablet Setup & Configuration (full)

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Setup and configuration of the cloud, signature, calendar, and security apps needed for any tablet to work immediately with inPresence clouds. iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) and Android devices are supported. At this time, app setup must be completed in the inPresence office.

All apps will be kept up-to-date, and the security features included in Setup will be monitored by inPresence staff as long as the tablet remains connected to the cloud (cloud account required)

Tablet Setup & Configuration (partial)

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Similar to the Full setup, but for only one of the core cloud services:

  • Cloud file systems
  • Calendar
  • Security
  • Digital signature services
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