The transition from Dreamweaver to Word Press

Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress are two of the most popular visual website design programs. I have a lot of previous experience with Dreamweaver so learning the layout and functionality of WordPress was one of the most difficult, but also the most important part of coming to work for inPresence. There were quite a few changes that I noticed when starting out with WordPress and many of them were very helpful when designing a website of my own.

Probably the largest difference is the overall functionality. Dreamweaver is best used to make static web pages and do simple formatting jobs, and offers nothing in the way of easily adding posts or making minor adjustments to a website. However WordPress makes it easy to create an entire website and link everything together with easy-to-use tools that let you update your website in real-time.

The biggest change that I noticed at first is the appearance and layout. The format of Dreamweaver is similar to that of Microsoft Word. It is a single page with your webpage filling up most of the screen and a toolbar at the top for editing. It contains option for the text and adding elements like tables pictures and links. WordPress is much more versatile, with a large sidebar contains a variety of tool and editors and settings, which range from adding posts to a blog, to editing the media library for your site.

One the changes that I grew to like the most is how easy WordPress is to use. Where before I had to create a separate folder for my media files and save every picture into it separately, I now can just add a picture to a post and have it automatically save in the media library. WordPress also makes it much easier to edit a website. In Dreamweaver you would have to make the edit then re-upload the new version to your server. However with WordPress I can just go to the “Pages” tab and edit anyone of the pages on my site. It even automatically saves my changes and I can upload it with the click of a button.

There are many more minor changes and quirks that I had to get used to with this change but the overall differences are clear. The change from Dreamweaver to WordPress can be long and somewhat difficult, but it will benefit you in the long run and I recommend doing it.


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