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General Terms & Conditions

Cloud applications (“clouds”)  from inPresence LLC (“inPresence”) use the ownCloud platform, which is an actively-developed application to securely store and share files use a web browser. inPresence actively participates in development and will keep all files secure based upon the most recent HIPAA laws and regulations. Home Health Agencies, Staffing Agencies, and any other company, partnership, individual, or organization that orders a cloud application from inPresence LLC (“agencies”) will make all requests for clouds, changes or updates to clouds, and report all issues to the company in writing to maintain the highest possible accountability and positive results of use.

inPresence staff that work directly with agency clouds will be able to view agency folders and files. All staff with this access are HIPAA certified and will never release or share agency files.

inPresence is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of individual client clouds, or devices connected to said clouds. Clouds can be accessed by computer browsers, mobile devices, mobile phones, and some other devices; the guidelines for accessing clouds on all devices, and maintaining security of devices with granted access, must be observed at all times. The guidelines are as follows (subject to change with 10 business days’ written notice):

For agencies
  1. Do not ever share usernames or passwords with outside parties
  2. Do not share direct access to files on the cloud with external or outside parties
  3. Use the cloud only for business process or business related file sharing
  4. Upload and download only files which your organization or its legally-appointed staff have created
  5. Do not share log-in credentials between multiple employees; one log-in is for one person. There are no exceptions.
For individual users
  1. Security of log-in credentials is the responsibility of individual users; a lost or stolen device or password will be the sole responsibility of the individual from whom the device or password was misplaced. inPresence and its client agencies will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from lost or stolen devices or passwords
  2. All devices must be locked with a password when not in direct use of the cloud account owner. Devices with authorized access to agency clouds are not to be lent to any third party or used for any reason except for patient file management and agency file management
  3. Clouds are not places to store personal files or files from other business interests; these files will be deleted
  4. Users are not to share their passwords with anyone, ever. inPresence staff may be asked to reset your password, but will never ask for your password. Upon a password reset request, your email address will be used to confirm your identity, along with possibly a file name or other identifying information.
Tablet & Device restrictions
  1. Any tablet, mobile phone, or other device that is authorized to access an agency cloud must be protected by GPS and remote file deletion applications, as well as photo offender capture. inPresence must be given access to this application prior to use with patient or agency files of any kind. For a list of these applications, as well as options for inPresence to install these on behalf of client users, please see the end of this document.
  2. Applications that are not directly related to the signing, completing, or management of agency or patient files (or the proper operation of the device hardware) are prohibited.
  3. Tablets which are not purchased through inPresence must be registered with inPresence and protected by security applications. Support for these devices is provided at low cost, which can be purchased here. Only iOS (iPad) and Android-based devices are supported at this time.
  4. Users may configure their own tablets and apps, according to specifications given by inPresence. In this case, users are responsible for the functionality of their own apps and devices, and must contact inPresence for specifications prior to attempting installation.