Sports & Social Embeds

This page is for our experimental social media plugins and tools. It’s also a repository for our sports feeds and examples of some feeds from external sites that we like and want to share. Enjoy!

Embed a cool mp3 of a podcast or song quickly and easily. Just use a code like this:

<audio src="[mp3 link]"preloadcontrols></audio>

This is an episode of the Just Pick One podcast, done by inPresence staff

Obviously, a sports ticker would be awesome. ESPN is the best source for sports, so let’s include a ticker and the code for your use anytime, anywhere:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="44"></iframe>


Want to read a lit classic? Or any other PDF, while you’re at it?

The city of Chicago has a data portal which allows you to display some amazing data sets. Just find the info you need, save the view, and embed your heart out!

near north medium

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