Social media advantage

 inPresence provides social media branding across all platforms.

 Our brand has been developed across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn






Use Facebook for rich, interactive media and to connect with related businesses and clients. Facebook for business allows you to update your hours, location, current promotions, and a constant stream of picture and text updates!






Twitter for business is the best platform for instant contact, period. If you have a one-day-only sale, Tweet your fans to let them know. Twitter is also the best way to update on the go, so you can post pictures, thoughts, and the quirky, personal side of your business (let’s face it, this is what your clients really want anyways) from anywhere, any time.





LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to develop your business within professional networks. A strong LinkedIn profile will help you connect with everyone from fellow business owners to potential employees. A well-managed LinkedIn profile guarantees that you are connected to talented people the instant you need their skills. From consultants and graphic designers to accountants and code-junkies, LinkedIn is an absolute necessity for you business.