Google’s Search Algorithm Changes Are An Opportunity For Your Chicago Area Business

A shakeup in search engine results is coming, and with it an opportunity to gain prime placement for your website. Earlier this month Google announced the newest revision to its search algorithm. Codenamed Penguin 2.0, the update is intended to prevent unscrupulous webmasters from manipulating search results by using a collection of tactics known as “black hat” search engine optimization. Usually, practitioners of black hat SEO are spammers that place pages filled with advertisements and sponsored links at the top of a search result. However, their tactics have become so effective that other websites, including other small business websites such as yours, have also embraced black hat SEO. With Penguin 2.0, these websites no longer rank at the top. In more egregious cases, websites are removed from the search engine entirely.

Their Loss is Your Gain

At inPresence our SEO strategies adhere to Google’s content guidelines. Consequently, our website has experienced a jump in search ranking since Penguin 2.0. We now rank more highly than ever before for several search terms such as Oak Park web presence and Oak Park web design.

Whether you are an accountant or a xylophone repair specialist, inPresence can help your website rank for its desired search terms. We know that SEO success does not come overnight, but with our know-how we can offer consistent gains that will put your business in the fast lane to search engine success.

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benefit from Google Penguin with inPresence

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