inPresence LLP is committed to fair, consistent pricing for all our clients. The price schedule for services and products looks like this:

Simple Site 

  • inPresence crafts custom websites for every client; no instant or out-of-the-box solutions
  • As many pages as you need to make your website amazing
  • Custom content types, diverse content strategies, rich color schemes
  • Deep corporate and product branding: inPresence matches everything from the color scheme to the visual layout with your existing visuals
  • Knowledge value: inPresence is staffed by web design & development experts; we’ll blast your existing online space into space, guaranteed.

Previous Customers

  • Prices for site updates and minor changes can be found here


  • inPresence managed online sales integrated into your website
  • Choose your own merchant service: PayPal, Chase Merchant Services, Authenticate
  • Integrated into HTML, WordPress, Drupal, or Magento websites seamlessly

iOS or Android Application Development

  • Create your own, custom website application. Have your customers fill out forms you have designed, or add an iPhone/Android app to your digital portfolio. Whether you’re a restaurant who wants to streamline ordering, or a doctor with a new approach to patient outreach, we can turn your ideas into amazing new technologies.
  • Have a great idea, but can’t figure out the code? If you have an amazing idea for a product to sell or revenue-generating website, but don’t want to write all the code yourself, inPresence can provide high-quality, value-adding code to lead or supplement your projects. If you have an amazing idea for a digital product, let us know! We’ll find a way to make it work for you.