Invoicing and Payment

Customers are changing. Where payment to a small business used to be a check in the mail, more people than ever are using PayPal and QuickPay to instantly pay for products and services. These online services offer a lot of advantages over traditional checks or cash (security, instant availability of funds) but can be very confusing. Not to fear! inPresence LLP can help your business maximize any online payment system.

Invoicing & Online Payment

Invoicing customers and collecting payment are critical to the success of your business; doubly so if you run a small business. Customers are increasingly comfortable paying bills online, both for consumer goods and for business-to-business transactions, and for good reason: Online payment is the safest way to get paid!

There are also many online invoicing systems (PayPal, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, GetHarvest, Zoho, and a whole lot more) that make invoices and gentle payment reminders automatic. For the busy business professional, this is an absolute necessity. With internet invoicing, you can describe the project through an online form (that you can create or change any way you want) and add price and delivery details. You send it to the customer when an agreement is made, and they get email and text messages with instant payment methods when the project is complete.

inPresence LLP is a web design company, so you might be asking yourself why we care whether your business uses these tools or not. To be blunt: we want to maximize your impact so you can maximize ours. When our designs and services help your business win new clients, your business becomes a model for us to encourage further community web design growth.

The internet is a rapidly changing place, but business owners need to keep their minds and wallets open to new opportunities at all times. If a client wants to use a new technology that your business doesn’t have, you are losing business! ¬†inPresence will help your company meet clients on their level at all stages of the sales cycle.

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