inPresence & Avenue Computer: Better Together

Pardon our dust; there have been a lot of changes at inPresence in the past six months. We’ve been upgrading our services, expanding our offices and working hours, and opening a new storefront (as you might have noticed). We’re thrilled to be as far along as we are, so this is a good time to step back and explain what we’re trying to achieve.

What’s going on in there?

Avenue Computer has built, repaired, and upgraded computers in Oak Park for 10 years. The owners are experts, and the technicians are top-notch. We know because they’ve built and repaired all of our web development computers. They have great customer service skills and a strong community reputation. After some months of exchanging business and referrals back and forth, we became friendly with the Avenue Computer ownership and dreamed how great it would be to have a retail computer store in Oak Park. inPresence and Avenue Computer formally decided to join forces (and offices) in August of 2014 at the Oak Park office on Oak Park Avenue (renovated/reopened October 2014).

Thanks to our amazing customers and community connections, we’ve had good sales and growth in the past six months. Thank you, customers! We can’t do this without you. With so much happening in technology, we’ve been able to solve problems for customers more quickly and cheaply than ever before. For the first time, Oak Parkers now have a place to compare, explore, and purchase technology for all our devices.

We know there’s a Best Buy on Cermack and another at Brickyard Mall, and we can’t compete with the big-box discounts and selection. That’s not why we’re here. Instead, we offer the best products; trusted brands and models with which we have experience (most of which are already running in our own computers). We can fix the problems that Best Buy won’t tackle, find the parts that RadioShack never carried, and keep on top of relevant technology and security developments. Got a virus on your Mac? (yes, it happens) We can fix that. Your custom-build won’t start? We can help. Cracked laptop screen? No problem. Bring us your challenges, inPresence and Avenue Computer are here to fix them.

Where do we go from here?

We’re so glad you asked! We don’t have a huge marketing team, a TV ad budget, or an off-shore 24/7 call center, but we’re going to expand our offered product lines and stay open as many hours as we can for our customers. We’ve been sponsors of VEX Robotics and UCP Seguin; organizations that use technology to enrich lives and teach lessons about who we are. We’ll continue sponsoring technology development and exploration in the community, and expanding our partnerships with those organizations.

We’re the largest seller of laptops and desktop computers, and we will grow our sales by offering more amazing products. We’re also expanding into custom-built computers. Networking, gaming, secure storage, and backups are on our agenda, as well.

inPresence and Avenue Computer are stronger now than ever before. While other computer shops in the area have closed or slowed their turnaround time, we’re accelerating and improving: quality improvements, service + product combinations and discounts, online project updates, text updates; it’s all on the table.

If you haven’t visited our store, we hope you will soon. If you have already visited, thank you so much and we hope to see you again soon. We relish the opportunity to help you compute better.


Ross Wasserstrom

President, inPresence LLC


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