How to add citations to Drupal using views

How to add citations to Drupal using views:
Before you start it’s important to note how the citation is laid out. This may be different depending on the style of citations being used. It may be also helpful to have your content fully written in the correct citation format.

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1. Create a content type for your citations.
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a. Create the appropriate content fields with the proper widget

i. It’s important to know how your citation is going to be presented in a view.

b. Order these field’s labels in the in the proper citation order, if you make each part of the citation a separate field or if you make the citation one field.

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2. Make sure to create your citations in the proper order.

a. It helps if you make the content that is your citation in the order you want the citations to be listed.

3. Create a view a to handle the citations on the page. You can either create a page or block with the view.

a. Make sure that the views you’re drawing from are the content type that you created for the citations.

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4. Add the correct fields to the view so your citation is correct.

5. Filter the view fields so the correct citations show up, if you have multiple citation groups, but are using the same citation style.

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6. Sort the Criteria to the proper order for your citation.

7.Place the view on a page or block of your liking.

See the finished result at