How Interactive media can benefit a local community store

Interactive actions can add many benefits to a local store’s website when used correctly. Using interactive methods can provide them with a more immersive environment and control. This can also allow content to be used in a more interesting way other than just being static content, which draws users into the site and possibly leads to more sales. For example, take a clothing store and instead of going into the store to see the different merchandise and try to determine what matches, the store could have an application on its webpage, which allows customers to select and drag clothes virtually to a model, to see what matches. This integration of interactive media can especially benefit a small store when it’s done properly.

One thing to keep in mind when developing interactive pieces is that they have to function on tablets and mobile devices or have an alternative app in its place for those devices. Another note to keep in mind is that more simplistic and cleaner pieces are better for engaging customers than overly complex and fully interactive websites. There are multiple reasons for this, which more or less come down to the complex situation of the human mind and the effects of cybernetic immersion. The simplest answer of why overdoing it with interactive pieces on store’s webpage is problematic is that the user is not looking to be fully immersed, but basically they are on the webpage to buy something. If the piece is too interactive the users will became over-stimulated and flustered. The application that is more in mind for stores is one that has a flow of least resistance to the product and then to the cart while still being interactive. This will catch the user’s attention but will not over-complicate things. So yes, interactive media has great potential in dealing with local community stores on the web when it’s handled properly.


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