Drupal web-form module with have the errors if the emails are mismatched

In Drupal the webforms modules will have errors if you mix-match the “e-mail to” and the “from”. This can cause a a lot of issues for users. If the “e-mail to” is set to custom, make sure if the email address “E-mail from address” is set on default, make sure that the default is the same address as the “e-mail to”. This corrects the issue. This is especially important if you are using third party email system on a namecheap hosting account. Since mismatch can cause errors for the email. Its equally important to make sure you have the correct A record and MX entry set up. You can find documentation from your hosting company. At worse contact support to help you manual set up the A record. If in the report log if webform print out notices about not finding token_tree not being found, it means you have to install the token module. Doing so will resolve the issue of the notice and might fix any other error with the webform module.


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