Spotlight Home Tours


Spotlight home tours wanted to create an online application that allowed homeowners to upload quality photos of high-value realty. Spotlight wanted a 3-D, interactive tour of their property and to tell a story seamlessly while being user friendly and intuitive. They wanted personalization options for photos and videos so that tours could have variety. The application needed to be deep, but accessible so that new users could add their story without fuss. The result was a beautiful and simple application that achieved all of these demands, and much more.

Spotlight Home Tours


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Spotlight approached inPresence with the idea to create a high-end residential real estate website that allowed sellers to post their own home online. They recognized that homeowners of high-value property wanted to feel in control online. Spotlight wanted home owners and realtors to create their own virtual tour to maximize that control.

To do this, we used Magento as our platform and CMS and PHP as our coding language with elements of Jquery. We did a lot of hardcore back-end development so we could create a gigantic database for these users.  The result was an extensive web application that has become the foundation to Spotlight’s success. Spotlight users now have an engaging experience that takes them through beautiful homes in a seamless and simple way.
Spotlight’s website is not simply a place to visit, but a real world application that will effect the future of real estate as we know it. We are the vehicle to our clients’ ideas and are the resources for their success.




A fantastic User Experience goes unnoticed, and we are invisible. Our dedication to providing you the sleekest application possible is the foundation to our success. Spotlight’s success continues to show our intensity of the behind the scenes to the website in front of you.