5 Reasons Oak Park businesses need websites

Oak Park is a wonderful community, combining all the best elements of a small town with the convenience and resources of Chicago right next door. The town offers a unique mix of urban and suburban opportunities, and is largely free of the pressure and “rat race” feeling of living in the city. To sweeten the deal a bit, Oak Park is full of historical landmarks (Hemingway house, Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio, etc) and tons of great local restaurants and shops.

With so much going for our town, why don’t we see a stronger drive of business towards the community from around the Chicagoland area? For that matter, we don’t even have a strong showing of Oak Parkers shopping and eating in our town!

We, the 2013 Consumer (capital C) is heavily reliant on websites and mobile data to find things we want. Not just to find a particular product, but to find the atmosphere, group, price, mood, deal, coupon, groupon, or whatever other criterion by which we want to search. Businesses have always known that to earn business from new customers, we have to approach them on their level. Alright, maybe we aren’t sure how Groupon can help our business now, but being familiar with the idea will help keep your pipeline full down the road. With that in mind, here’s some bullet points to help your business make the most of the internet:

Here are the top 5 reasons every Oak Park business needs to get online ASAP:

1. Credibility

Customers trust companies with websites and online presence. This is a big shift from the internet of a few years ago, when we really looked skeptically at pages we found online. Now, any company that doesn’t have a website is suspect.

2. Highlight our convenience

Oak park is close to the city, close to the suburbs, and close to highways in between. If you’ve been on the roads in Chicago recently,  you know how badly we all need a little break from the drive. With train lines, ample parking, and 290 access, Oak Park is convenient for everyone!

3. Networking

Oak Park businesses share resources and swap coupons all the time. Drive business by highlighting what a great value it is to shop locally.

4. Cost-effective

A website is a permanent, malleable advertisement. For a low, one-time fee, your website experience will be created to match the look and feel of your store. As your business grows and changes, your website can follow you, so customers world-wide can explore your products and stay in touch down the road.

5. Broad reach

Almost all consumers are now using the internet, and web marketing extends from a website to a mobile phone, right down to a printed ad! Branding across platforms has been the staple of effective marketing since the 1950s. The internet is a new platform, and must be included in any marketing budget!


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